Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Outside of the House

Slowly, but surely, the front of the house is taking shape. Let's take a tour through the history of the front yard and facade of the house.

As purchased:

hideous bushes housed bugs!
You could hardly see the house, which was probably a good thing.

In progress:

The first thing we did was replace all the windows, and the front light fixture. We also added these shutters. Over the next year, Troy removed all the bushes as well...not an easy task!

Here she is before the grand remodel. No bushes, but not pretty either.

During the Remodel:

back deck before.
That old rickety deck had to go! The covering, which was a good idea in theory was not well made so we tore that down as well.
We decided that we wanted a concrete patio instead. Its much bigger than the original deck which meant Troy had to move around some sprinklers, but it was totally worth it.
about half way.
Here you can see we got the concrete poured and the new covering on. The back steps are awesome, made of trex, and really sturdy. Here they're wrapping the posts with some type of styrofoam so they can stucco over the top.

As for the front, we decided to stucco where the siding was.
Because of some rainy weeks this last spring, we had to wait forever for the top (color) coat to get done. It was funny how many of the neighbors would ask if this was the color we picked...NO! I have a bit of a better design style than that, my friends! But it was funny to see their faces. It was also fun to have people come over and try to figure out how to get into the house.

***Stay tuned for the final look***

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