Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hybrid * Recipe Cards * Freebie

My sister and I are throwing a shower for my other sister next week. The theme is recipes and we wanted everyone to bring a recipe as part of their gift. I decided to make up some basic recipe cards using my sister's "colors" so they would match her kitchen. These were included with the invitation so her recipe box would be super cute!
They turned out so well I thought I'd share! I made these very basic so the focus is on the recipe. There is a "paper strip" on the left side and room for ingredients and directions. This time I didn't include lines on the back (for longer recipes). I figure you could just write on the blank back side if you need more room - plus it saves on printing costs.
You could just type in your recipes and print these on your home computer a few to a page. I sent the file to my local copy shop and had them print up a bunch of each so I could give the leftovers as a gift to the bride.
Want to make your own? I've included my recipe cards along with a blank template so you can make your own in your own colors...or just print of mine, tie them in a bow and call it a gift!

Why is this hybrid? Well, because I can call it whatever I want! :) No, really, I call it hybrid because I printed them and will write on them...I guess if you typed and printed you could call it fully digital - in the end does it matter? They are just cute cards...don't over think it. :)


♥ Julliana

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  1. I love your free files!! Wish I could be there at the shower!!