Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Project Diary: James' First Sweater

I liked the project diary idea from Knitting Daily and thought it would be a nice way to share my own projects. Here I go:

Project:  James' First Sweater
Pattern: Paxton (Preemie and Newborn Jacket) by StitchyMama
Yarn: Premier Yarns Everyday Soft Worsted Prints (Color: Winding River)
Needles: US 5 (3.75 mm)

Why you were excited about knitting this project: I wanted to make something for James and was having a hard time finding cute preemie patterns. This one caught my eye and seemed simple enough.

What size you made:  Small Preemie (3-5 lbs). I was hoping this would be the right size for when he comes home.

Modifications made:   I didn't make any modifications. This the first jacket and first top-down item I've knit so I wanted to follow the pattern.

What did you love about knitting this?  This was a great project for me, a definite beginner with delusions of granduer. It was easy enough that I didn't have to think to hard about it, but interesting enough to keep my interest. I also liked that it was a small project that only took a few days to complete.

What would you note for other knitters about when knitting this pattern?  This is an easy pattern and can be modified in any number of ways. I'm already thinking of variations on this pattern that could make other cute jackets. I really liked using this yarn with the self patterning. It gave more interest to what may have been a plain jacket.

How will this project be worn? I will have James wear this on his ride home from the hospital. It will, obviously, be layered on top of his clothes and used to provide him with a little extra warmth.

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