Monday, October 24, 2011

The Sewing Drawer of Shame!!

Since working on the boy's Halloween costumes (pictures to come) I have reignited my love of sewing. But, before I get carried away, as I am wont to do, I thought I better clear out my sewing drawer. Turns out its a sewing drawer of shame!
Yes, here are all the bits and pieces that were hiding in that drawer. Before I can get to making all the many wonderful things I want to work on "right now" (!!!!!) I have made a deal with myself - I must complete all the projects in the drawer. I'm posting this so that now I am committing in front of the world (hi mom).

Here's the specifics, in no specific order:

Pants for me that just need buttons, buttonholes, and some hemming.

Christmas Table-topper Quilt. Needs some hand stitching then the back, quilting, and binding.

Random bits and pieces which I may, or may not, need to complete these projects.

Two baby girl diaper covers. Just need elastic on waist and leg holes. I can finish these for my new no-name baby niece, due in a few months.

2 fabric flowers. Just need a clip of some sort ... hair clip, or maybe pin.

Random scraps left over from Ben's quilt. Maybe for some pot holders?

Black material, but and ready to go for 2 vests - one for Ben and one for Dad. Although, by now, Ben will have outgrown the size I cut...guess it's for James.

Spring/Summer tabletop quilt. Back when I didn't know a thing about quilting. I need to rip out all of this red stitching and then try again.

1 king size and white stripes. I bought this with the intention of making a top for myself, maybe. Not sure what I'll do with it, but it has to either get used or thrifted. I guess I could use is as muslin for something else.

Random men's shirts/sweater. These were originally for two matching quilts I was going to make for the boy's beds. Now I'm thinking I'll just make pillows out of them for those beds. Then I can use these, and then buy fabric for the quilts.

This is actually pink lining material. I plan to use this to line a skirt out of some suiting fabric I have in my other sewing cabinet. Let's not even talk about that black hole.

Completed Baby Spit-rags. I made these out of cloth diapers (new and unused, obviously) and a few cute fat-quarters. I guess I better put them in James' closet so they can get used. Or, should I gift them? Or, should I post them up in the etsy shop?

Table-top quilt. I started the machine quilting on this a few months ago, but was having tension troubles. I've since had the machine serviced, so I should really just finish this already!

Black and white knit fabric. I bought this to make a cute tank from a Burda magazine, cut out one front piece, and then promptly put it in the drawer. I have to figure out how to back a ruffle in the front, and I have to cut the rest of the pieces, but this one should be pretty easy.

Hot/Cold Rice bags. I made three of these but haven't finished the covers for them. The idea is, you can remove the cover and wash them. This will require 4 straight lines of stitching...why haven't I done it yet?

Kitchen towels. Just need to add buttons to the tabs.

Also found in the drawer, a completed top that just doesn't fit me (maybe my sister will want it) and a pair of her pants to hem.

As you can see, most of these projects are almost done. I just need to get to it and do all the "boring" parts. The rule now is - I must finish all these projects before I can start on any new sewing projects. I must finish all these projects before Jan 1, 2012. Let's see how it goes.

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