Monday, August 23, 2010

ABC Quiet Book {E & F}

E is for Egg
For this page I free handed a large egg, which was then cut into two parts. The bottom part was sewn onto the base page just around the outside so as to leave a pocket. The top half was attached only at the top, but I did continue the blanket stitch all around just for looks. I also zig-zagged the bottom so it looked like a cracked egg. I added some of the rough Velcro to close the egg. I sewed it to the top which allows it to stick to the felt of the bottom egg.
Inside the egg pocket I placed a sunny side up egg. This was also cut out free hand. I was going to put a chicken in the egg, but thought that might be disturbing to an older Ben (and maybe a bit confusing since we don't see chickens come out of our eggs at home).

F is for Feathers
Inspired by Dr. Suess: Big F, little F, what begins with F? Four fluffy feathers on a fiffer feffer feff.
So for this page I made bird with fluffy feathers. It isn't really interactive, but I figured it would be okay to just have a texture page. Ben can fluff the feathers, pet the bird, talk to it...whatever...its cute.
front   |   back
I hot glued the feathers to the back of the page after feeding them through a small slit. I also covered the hot glue with another piece of felt, hoping this will help with security...the last thing I need is Ben ripping out feathers (and probably throwing them around) during sacrament meeting.

One tool that I find very important is my fabric pen. I have an air disappearing one, which means it will fade in a short while...about and hour (its the purple ink seen behind the embroidered words). I use this to write the words and then "trace" it with back stitches. I also use the fabric pen to trace my pattern pieces onto the felt and cut them out. There are fabric pens that are water disappearing...but then you have to get the felt wet and let it dry. I'm too impatient to wait for that!

♥ Julliana

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