Friday, August 27, 2010

Ultrasound {Framed Art}

I am obsessed with pictures, and I want them everywhere! Ben is only 2 years old and already his pictures take up over 35 GB of space. In additon to keeping images on the computer, I like to display them in my house.

But what about the pre-birth pictures? the ultrasounds? Well, I saw a super cute idea (and of course now I can't find the link) about how to show off your ultrasound pictures.

Cute, right?! This frame has been empty for years, and now it finally has a picture.

I created an .svg file, a .png file, and a .scal2 file for you!

Here's a quick "how to":
  1. Find a cute paper...or print one off from your digi-scrap supplies (that's what I did).
  2. Use the .svg or SCAL file to cut on the cricut. Or, open the .png file (resize) and print as a template on the back can cut by hand, if you must. {note: i set my ultrasound opening scale to 4 inches wide. That helped me decide how big to print the copy of the ultrasound picture}
  3. Print out the name and week, I did this on the same page as the patterned paper. I tore mine but you could use cute scissors, or stickers, or vinyl or whatever.
  4. Add your picture! I'd suggest a copy of the original, but that's just me.


You can download those files here.

♥ Julliana

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