Monday, October 11, 2010

"Heavy Metal" Pumpkins {Tutorial}

I've seen some cool metal pumpkins around, but they were huge, heavy and expensive. I was looking for something a bit smaller but still modern looking. Here's what I came up with.
These metal pumpkins are super cheap and easy! Here's how you can make them.

- Hanger Strap. This is found in the plumbing department. You can get different lengths and either stainless or copper plated. I think the copper plated helps add to the "pumpkin" look. I bought 2 10 ft lenghts, one in silver and one in copper, and was able to made 3 pumpkins.
- 1/4" diameter Carriage Screws (one for each pumpkin. I used 6", 5 1/2", and 5" lengths)
- 2 nuts for each pumpkin (make sure they will fit the carriage screws)
- Tin Snips
- Needle nose pliers (not shown)

*Note: the hanger strap has two hole sizes in it. The larger size is the 1/4" hole that we'll be using. Be sure to plan on that hole when making measurements/cutting.*
*Another Note: the metal can be sharp when cut so you may want to wear gloves. Either way, be careful!*

Screw a nut onto the bolt to about 1 inch from the top. That top part will be the stem of the pumpkin.
Add the "leaf" next.
To make the leaf, simply make a coil around your needle nose pliers and snip it off. Thread this onto the carriage bolt just below the washer.
To make the pumpkin, you'll need to cut 4-6 equal lengths of hanger strap. For the big pumpkin my lengths were about 18". You decide how big you want them to be...think about your bolt length too. Find the center whole in each piece of strap and thread it through the bolt.
Thread the ends of each strap  though the bolt but only push it up about 1/2".
Repeat this for all your straps.
Add a washer to the bottom to hold it all on.
One hint - you'll want to bend the straps so there is a rim at the bottom. This will help the pumpkin stand will be wobbly because of the washer.
bottom view of pumpkin.

You can mix and match the colors or use all of one color. You could even spray paint or glaze this!
top left: all silver, top right: mix of copper and silver, bottom: copper


  1. I LOVE these! I'm not an over-the-top Halloween person, and these are something I'd put in my house... great job! :)

  2. I love it with the copper-plated! Great entry! -Mandy, Sugar Bee Craft Edition