Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cricut 201 Project {Name Chipboard Book} Part 1A

Let's use what we know about file types and create our own letter chipboard book. You can make any word you want, and use any font you want to totally customize it. This will be a multi-part project. In the end, we'll end up with something like this...

Baby Book
or this...
Friend Book
it's up to you!

Project Steps:
Part 1A - Creating the first page <----You are here
Coming soon:
Part 1B - Completing the design
Part 2 - Cutting the Chipboard
Part 3 - Cutting papers and embellishments
Part 4 - Putting it all together

Let's get started. What you'll need:

Feel free to post any questions you may have in the comments below. I will be posting the rest of the process over the next few days. Come back often!



  1. I am super excited! I have been wanting to learn how to make one of these chipboard books. I downloaded inkscape a few months ago but I'm so technically challenged I can't figure out how to do anything once I'm there. :(

  2. Ok I'm a dork, I commented before I watched the video. It was SUPER helpful and you have a very good video voice might I add!