Monday, June 27, 2011

aRgh ... with a capital R!!!

My conceptual drawing for a cute knit top....
Here's what really happened:
So, I was trying my hand at designing my own top-down raglan sweater. I used the Plain and Simple Pullover pattern, which was great, but I obviously didn't measure right.
Okay, I measured right and did all the math right but started with wrong assumptions. I thought I'd like it to have some positive ease (be a bit bigger, like 1/2 inch) so that it just skimmed my "curves". I even ripped back 6 inches and did some waist shaping  but it didn't really help. Plus, since I took about a 1 month break in the middle, my gauge changed!!!
Notice the puckery and icky fabric in the midsection. Yuck!
I love the color and the sleeve, but I think I'm going to have to rip it out. :(
I was so mad that I threw it in the closet for a TIME OUT! I'm now resigned to having to frog it, but want to reuse the super pretty yarn for something else.

Maybe Watershed: but longer...just past my waist. Heaven knows I have enough yarn. (I still have a whole skein I haven't used!)

Maybe Global Warming a'la hapichick:

Either way, I will make sure it is nice and lose fabric for me!

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