Friday, February 17, 2012

knit = fail

Oh, Dahlia.

I was almost done...then, I tried it on. It didn't work for me. I couldn't try it on earlier because of the afterthought sleeves. Once I finished the first sleeve and started on the second I could try it on. FAIL!
The bottom, and top, were wavy. I think I may have picked up too many along those edges. The collar was floppy and long...and I had even shortened it.

Because of the afterthought sleeves, and the lack of sleeve cap, the shoulder lacked structure and the underarm was bunching with excess fabric. I should have realized this was just a blanket with sleeves.

My plan was to make the fronts shorter so I could button it down the front, but the top was way too floppy to fit the way I wanted. I think waist shaping will be necessary. I did like the sleeve length and the thicker band of seed stitch.
The yarn has been great (KnitPicks Shine Sport) and I'm loving my new KnitPicks needles. And, I really do like the lace on the back. So here's the new plan:

  • bind off the two sides so I can just sew the seams together. I may add three or four rows on each side before starting the top back and bottom back.
  • knit down from the lace panel to finish the bottom of the back.
  • knit up from the lace panel and shape the back neck and shoulders. I think it only needs another inch or two.
  • knit two fronts for the cardigan, adding waist shaping and armholes. seam to the back piece.
  • work top down set in sleeves with short row sleeve caps. keep the length the same.
  • keep the wide seed stitch borders on the hem, cuff, and button band. not sure about the neck yet...maybe still seed stitch just thinner.

So, basically a cardigan from scratch with just the lace medallion from the original pattern.

It only took about an hour to rip it all back. Good think I like to knit.

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