Monday, February 27, 2012

Scrappy McScraperson

Turns out I have 6 posts in draft mode...just needing pictures. I best get on that. For now ---

I have a lot of fabric. I've shown my Drawer of Shame but that is only a small part of the stash. I have two whole other cabinets full of fabric. So, I have decided to use it all - Right Now!

I cut any cotton fabric smaller than a fat quarter into charms (5x5 in) and quarter-charms (2.5x2.5 in). Now I just have to piece them together.

I will be making a few scrappy quilts. I have gathered up some inspiration on pinterest and decided to make a large version of a latice quilt:

This is a small carseat blanket but I plan on making at least a lap quilt, maybe twin size.
I'll just need to buy some white and some border fabric - or I could scrappify that too.

Another one I like is the Disappearing 9-patch...

...but it would take a lot of white that I would need to buy - so I may just use all scraps. That would be super bright and fun. Again, lap maybe twin size.

For the backings - I already have a blue and white striped sheet that I thrifted a while ago. Maybe I'll thrift another for the white and backing on the second quilt.

I've already cut charms, but I've seen some others that use 2.5" strips that are cool too. Do you have favorite scrappy quilts?

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