Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Buttons, Buttons, where are my Buttons?

The other day I was showing a friend all my completed knitwear. To my horror, I discovered that NOT ONE finished cardigan included buttons, or closures of any sort. No wonder I've been struggling with how to wear them!
Dahlia Cardigan

Opposite Pole

Lilas Cardigan


So now there is a new sheriff in town - the button/closure sherrif! For the forseeable future I want to only make cardigans with closures!

First up - Fireside. This one is in hibernation. It knows what its done (darn sleeves).


I'm also working on Ash. This one has a zipper, which I've been wanting to try in a knit for a while. So far, it's going well.

My Dark and Stormy cardigan is on a break because I've used up all the yarn I had. As soon as I get more yarn, I'll finish this up...just have the sleeves and collar to go.

In other exciting news - one of my knit design submissions has been accepted! I'm just waiting for the yarn to arrive to get going on it. I should hear back about a few other submissions in the next few weeks. Yay!

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