Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sewing a Basic Wardrobe

One of the podcasts I listen to is Sew-Forth-Now. I really like to hear what Lori's made because her style is so simillar to my own. In January she stared a Sew-A-Long (SAL) for a Basic Wardrobe. While I'm late to the party and am not setting a timeline for myself I'd like to supplement my sad wardrobe with some quality pieces.

Lori created a list of items, and Jayme came up with another list. Together, and taking into account my own wardrobe needs, I've come up with my own list.

Slim Black Pants
The original inspiration for Lori's SAL, the Nate Berkus Show, suggested Ponte Pants. A ponte knit is a thick knit fabric with just a touch of stretch. I would like to make some in black to start. I already own S3686 and think view E would work well.

Dark Skinny Jeans
I've been wanting some skinny jeans for a while, but have been waiting until I'm skinny. :) Well, since these last 15 lbs don't seem to want to budge, I guess I better just make some...I could always make another pair later. I've been wanting to try out Jalie 2908, and it shouldn't be hard to adjust to be skinny.

White button shirt
It is hard to find a button shirt that fits well. I have a generous bust and relatively small waist so if I find a top that fits on top it is large on the bottom. If it fits on the bottom the bottons pull on top. Making my own should solve this problem. I'm thinking S2339 in View B.

Black turtleneck
I like KS3093. I may add a bit more waist shaping. I also think a regular top in various solid colors, like navy and red, etc. would be nice to have. I like KS3766.

Camel/khaki skirt
I have a few skirts I like from various Burda magazines. I also have a khaki plaid suiting in the stash ready to go. I may also want to make a more casual version out of some basic bottom-weight fabric. I've already made a denim version of M3830 so I could make another of those.

Tie Waist Sweater
I have a few knitted cardigans in the works but a sewn one would be nice too. I've already made S2603, and loved it. It was, however, a victim of the great pen-in-the-washing-machine incident of 2010. I would like to remake this.

Black Dress
I'm thinking a knit dress is the way to go since it will be easy care and wear. I like, and own, M5975. View C will be the best for me. I wonder if I'm cool enough to wear this with a nice belt instead of the tie.

Trench-ish Coat
I already had M5525 pined in my "Patterns I Want" board on pinterest. It is a basic trench pattern with varying lengths. I like the knee length and the hip length...who says you can only have one? I also love Duchess Kate's trench with a ruffle at the bottom...shouldn't be hard to modify.

Day Dress
I would love to wear more dresses but I struggle with finding a good casual style that isn't frumpy (think jumper) and works for my lifestyle. I'm open to this but need find a good pattern.
Maybe M6503.

Or B5612

Or B5488

Jacket or Blazer
I already own B4610 and it seems like a nice, basic blazer.

Sweatsuit alternative
I have a pattern for some comfy linen pants- S3796, view A in particular. And, some basic tee's (listed above with turtlenecks).

Other Basic Items I Need Want
Variety of cami's
Pea Coat in a bright color - Kelly green or bright Red.

I think I'll start with the dress skirt since I have the pattern and fabric.

What wardrobe items do you think are a basic must have? Any suggestions on colors/patterns for the above items?

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