Friday, November 4, 2011

Singing Block

Ben's been struggling with singing time. Its part of our bedtime routine and lately he's been fighting it. Maybe its because he knows its bedtime. Maybe its because we are trying to get him to engage with us more by sitting on the blanket and doing all the actions. Whatever it is, we've decided to change it up.
I made a singing time die that we can take turns tossing. Each of us will get one toss, so four songs a night. This should at least bring him back to the group between each he can see what the next song is. By making it more of a game I think it will help him deal with an inconsistent song order.
Want one too? Here's what you need to do.

  • Download the svg file, or the Sure Cuts A Lot 2 file.
  • Cut the pieces out of cardstock. You may want to change the square's to perforate if you are using the svg file. (its already done on the scal2 file)
  • I made pictures for each side using clip art and the song title. I then used markers to make it nice and colorful. I just attached them with scrapbook glue. 

Here's how it goes together.

  • I chose to laminate mine so I did that first.
  • I used hot glue to complete the box.

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